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Optical character recognition: the cracky science

I just tried sending some descriptive pages from the Super Dictionary through ocropus, and I wanted to share the un-proofread results. They're almost like using that bork-bork-bork translator into Swedish Chef-speak.

(Gonna clean them up for a different post later. The crack should be accessible to screen-readers everywhere!)

Educational Consultant Dr, Marlo Fantinl, Dean and Professor . School of Education, Unlverstty of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts Contributing Authors Virginia G, Clammer. Reading Speclallst and Teacher Thomas O Fmstrnan, Currltrulum Specialist Cynthia Lewin, Ph,D., Reading Speclaltsl and Author James A. Schulz. Prulcssor of Humanltles Editorial Group Kathleen Fischer: Susan Katz; Sally Paynter; Wendy Shore A11 Group Darby Holmes. Art Director; Ruth Weiss. Productlcn Coordinator; Kenneth Fedunlewtcz; Patricia Kearney: Barbara Remington; Wendy Walker; Nevln Washington Special Tluunks DC Comics: Sol Harrison. President Joe Kubert, Cover Destgn Ben Oda, betterlng Publishers Phetotype, 'lypesrttlng Post Graphics. Color Separation


THE SUPER DICTIONARY Is a serlous book about words written In a fascinating mannerjust for chlldren. It combines trusted learnlng theory and Amerlca's best known and loved comlc characters. The irresistible quality of the colorful art, the story form ol the deftmtions and the special challenge to the young learner make this dlctlonary abook oimany uses over a wide age range. Prc-schoolers, beginning readers and advancmg readers allke find THE SUPER DICTIONARY a joy to use. It Is clearly organlzed and is a convenlent and entertalnlng resource book unlike any other. Parents rearllng the book to children and having it read back to them know the pleasure ofparticlpatlng In a positive learnlng experience. {EIA unique approach, now wltlely used In schools. comblnes trusted educational methods and Amer1ca's best known and loved comic characters. *Carefully researched and developed by a team of leaders In prrmary education, teachers and language spectallsts. Q 416 full·color SUPER DICTIONARY pages, dynamically designed to keep children Involved from A to Z. {tx, Alearning tool {cr developing a meanrngful vocabulary. increas lng comprehension skllls and providing exciting reading practice. l£?Worcls deftned clearly and concisely ln superhero stories for maxlmum understanding and appeal to children. l2?Strong, motlmtlonal superhero content gives each young reader a posltlve dlctlonary experience.

ii? Carefully researched

THE SUPER I')lCTIONARY`s planning and research ls based prlmarlly on thc use of the Harrls-Jacobson Basic Elementary Reading Vocahulorles, a word ltst that identifies those words most commonly lbund ln school readers and textbooks for each grade lcvel, and the use nf the Dale-O`Rourke Living Word Vo- cabulary, a vocabulary Inventory that ldentifles those meanings of words that are most farnlllar to children at each grade level. Great care was glven ln presenting a llst of words and thelr most famlllar meanings so that thls dlctlonary would be approptate for children ln the early grades. In order to guarantee maxlmum use ofthls book. the words from the first, second and thlrd grade lists plus selected words from grades four and five were lncluded for deflnltlon. Children using THE SUPER DICTIONARY wlll be expanding a meaningful vocabulary and can be well prepared to manage successfully thc reading they will be required to do ln school.

af? Words defined clearly

This dlctlonary's consistency of design. format. and style of deflnltlons makes tt easy for children to use. Words to be defined are always found at the left slde of the page and are clearly Identified so that children can readily locate them. Each com- plete dcflnltlon is contalned ln a single box in order tn eliminate confusion — children automatically know which picture goes with the dcflnltlon. Sentence structure and vocabulary selectlon are consistently approprlate for maxlmum readlbillty. THE SUPER DICTIONARY makes a unique contribution to chll- drcn’s dlctlonarlcs by defining each word In a story context that chlldren quickly understand. Throughout this book each word to be deflned ls flrst used ln a story sentence: then the deflnltion ls substituted for the word in the following sentence. For those words wlth more than one meanlng orwlth more than one part of speech defined. the word ls used agatn in a story sentence and then followed by a sentence with Its deflnltlon. As an ald to chlldren's understandlng ofword usage and spelling sklll, the plural ls also lncluded when a noun ls defined [baby. babies]. the past tense when a verb ls defined (cllmb, climbed}. and the famlllar comparatlve and superlative forms when an adjcctlve or adverb is defined [dark. darker. darkest].
A mqor component of thts dtcttcnarys approach is its use of comic characters in art and deflnltlons 1n dialogue to create an extra dimension of intcrcst and serve tu makc each meaning caster to understand and more likely to be remembered.

av Strung motivational content

Generations of young people have enjoyed the superheroes tn comlcrbook readers and recently through televtston. toys, and clothes. Teachers have recognized the need to motivate children tn learn by presenting them with such high-interest materials. At present schools are using superhero content ln reading pr0— grams in order to hold chtldren's interest and are meeting com stderable success. Today tt's Superman, Wonder Woman, Hat— man and Robin who form a content base for reading and reading sktlls praetlee. Pull use ofthe high-interest comtc characters in action has been made throughout THE SUPER DICTlONARY to make sure that the young reader will be motivated to use the dictionary again and again. These characters work very effectively to stimulate a chtld's curiosity, intelligence and imagination — a necessary condition under which the most and best learning takes place. Care has been taken to present the superheroes and villains in a vartety of situations so that the child can share in the imagi- native world of the comic characters and the characters can "share" in the more human, everyday world of thc child. The famous superheroes ln thc dictionary read and sleep and keep clean tool i} A learning mol This dictionary has been developed using accepted learning theory, carefully structured research and an exciting content base ln order to make lt a perfect match for childrens reading ability. level of understanding and interests. Children using the book can develop a meaningful vocabulary, increase com- prehension, gain a proficiency in dlctlnnary skills and have many delightful hours of reading practice. Parents can help in the learning process by becoming involved in the dictionary too by reading to children, by asking children to look up words

and read to them and by having children talk about what they have read